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so, in accordance with my
January 24, 2003

so, in accordance with my last post, i installed a new mobo onto my system that will have a PII-800 on it. after i got everything installed, it wouldn't POST. for those of you out there that don't understand computers, that basically means that the power came on to everything, but nothing showed up on my screen, and the lights on my keyboard didn't come on. this is not good. so i tried all of the normal troubleshooting - reseating the RAM, getting rid of all of the PCI cards except for video, and checking IDE cables. none of this worked. the only thing i didn't try was taking the CMOS jumper off to reset it, because i didn't have any internet access to be able to check up on the mobo site. so right now i am without a computer. it is at sr systems right now getting fixed so i can be up this weekend (hopefully!). so no problems... at least i'm getting a faster computer for very very little money...

oh, and another good thing... was talking to my dad, and he's going to send me a computer, too... so i'll have a play linux box, which makes me really happy, because i need one badly.
so that's all for now... if i have my computer back tonight, i'll update again this weekend, and hopefully get the rest of the gallery up. yay!