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things that suck for today
January 10, 2003

things that suck for today ... in no particular order:

keeping an eye on MSN's lovely site to see when they finally cancel my DSL ... just so i can order it again
having to figure out how much longer i have to wait for said DSL once i move
having to use dial-up for the next week - 2 weeks because MSN sucks
being a total geek who can't go a week - 2 weeks without DSL without my heart racing in fear
not being able to get the "original" Great Gatsby on DVD, because it's not available yet
the fact that the beyond shitty 2001 A&E version of the Great Gatsby is available on DVD

okay, that's plenty of shitty things for one day... let's look for good things, eh? once again, in no particular order:

being able to breathe again, as most of the inversion has gone away (yay!)
getting plane tix to go see a good friend that has been away for far too long
the fact that it is friday
moving - sometimes a pain, mostly exciting!
rearranging all of my belongings into new places - for some reason, i just love doing this
sleeping in on the weekend in a nice featherbed (thank you, darling!)
getting my plants to a brighter area, so that hopefully my jade plant won't die! eek!
not having to deal with too many uhm... untechnical (the nicest way to put it, really) people at work today

okay, once again, the good list is enough for today... it's actually longer than the bad list... i
wonder why the bad stuff seems to be soo much more in the forefront than the good stuff...
anyhow, just one more recommendation for today ... everyone must get out and read The First Man by Albert Camus. Please. you'll thank me when you do.
love ^_^