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January 16, 2003

"clever is something that i've always wanted to be, but could not quite figure out."

i purchased many things yesterday, 3 being fillings in my teeth, and 1 being a toilet seat. i also received my 21" monitor. i almost killed myself taking it out of ben's car, as i was far too impatient to wait for him to help me, so i decided to do it myself. i now have a large bruise on the inside of my left arm, a sore shoulder, and a sore back. what more could one ask for?

so yesterday was a good and bad day. the dentist had to keep shooting me up with novicaine because it wears off too quickly in my mouth. pain is not necessarily a good thing all the time. but, to make up for that, i had only a half-day at work. yet another root canal is scheduled to be done in a month's time, just before i head to wisconsin to see LeeAnn. what fun!

my DSL is still not hooked up, as the phone company has an issue where, for some reason, they don't think it's available in my area, even though i'm still in the same house where i've had DSL for 2+ years, and i've litterally moved about 10'. the phone lines are about 7' away from each other. go figure.

i'm having to do all of my updates from work. i'm hoping to get the gallery and the "me" page up this weekend... once again, uploaded from work, as i have no patience for dialup. it is killing me.

hoping to have a better day today. wish me luck.