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today has been ... okay.
January 17, 2003

today has been ... okay. i guess... it hasn't been a really good day or a bad day... it's just been there... once again, it's friday, which is usually a good thing. i don't get to sleep in tomorrow, so i can't really look forward to that. my mom is coming over at 7am so i can borrow her truck. we need to get the rest of ben's things from nampa so we can complete the move (finally). i am looking forward to having an actual dining room table. this will be the first time i've had one since i've lived at home. no more eating on the couch or in front of the computer!

i'm getting all excited and thinking about napkins and placemats... making napkin rings (martha stewart gave me a good idea for some) sounds like a good little project to do at work.

i am a sucker for recipes. i have a ton of cookbooks, but unfortunately, rarely ever use them. so i get this thing in the mail yesterday about a recipe book where they'll send me like 5 recipe cards every 3 weeks, and i'll pay 3.95 or something for them. did i rip it up and throw it away? no. i filled out the card and sent it back today. so now i'll be getting even more. and i don't feel guilt. i want them. lovely colour pictures of things i could make! i love just looking at them. whomever thought of the the colour cookbook be damned.

i have added another blog that is basically just my friend LeeAnn and i talking. i suggest you go there now.
love on friday. ^_^ me