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i was just in a
February 6, 2003

i was just in a staff meeting. and just by saying that i somehow think that my job sounds big and important. but really it's not. i took a survey today (done by a coworker for some college thing), and realised (not for the first time) that i really don't like my job. it's not challenging, i get no credit for the things that i do (unless they're overly bad), and no one knows if i even due a super-good job on something (which i tend to do all the damned time). so why even try? that's the main question for right now.
anyhow, there was a woman talking in my staff meeting that sounded like she was giving us a speech, except for after each sentance, she would say, "mmkay?" or just, "'kay?" which started getting annoying after a while. so to keep myself awake, i started counting how many times she said it. but then i got bored with that, so i stopped counting after like 8 or so.
how was your day? oh, that's wonderful. anyhow, if you really want to let me know, then leave a fucking comment already. jeez.