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same thing. so i was
February 13, 2003

same thing.
so i was out there reading wil's site, which i often do. yesterday he had a post that pretty much stated that he wasn't going to post for a while because he was overwhelmed with assholes, the book, and all, which i was cool with. no one likes to deal with assholes. not even me.
so then he posted again today about how he shouldn't have said certain things yesterday and all that... at the very bottom, he put, "note to self: don't post when emotional." so i thought i could take that to heart. but you know, i really can't. i prefer posting when i'm emotional. the only really bad thing about it is that a lot of times, it comes out as meaningless dribble. but that's cool, too, because sometimes you just need to get things out. things that you don't neccessarily want to discuss with friends, because you know they've heard it all before, and you're hoping that someone out there has to be finding this stuff interesting enough to read.
on a lighter note... well, i don't have anything really "light" to say right now. i'm just sitting at work trying to do the least amount of work i can while i'm paying all these taxes and crap. so yay for me or something like that. but i will be leaving in a week to see LeeAnn in WI. so that should be fun. i love love love being on airplanes. hell, i even love being in airports. though lately i've been going to the airport a lot without getting on planes, which has made the fun maddeningly frustrating. it's always pick up or drop off, with me just going back home afterwards. and, damnit, that's just no fun at all.