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ugh... i had forgotten that
February 18, 2003

ugh... i had forgotten that i totally screwed the blog when i was trying to mess with the template... so i have to put in the code for the comments again. but that's cool. :)
so ben called me yesterday(5pm), and then last night (2am), and again this morning(8am). it was, of course, wonderful to hear from him. i have missed him outrageously this week, and he's only been gone for 6 1/2 days. only 5 weeks to go! ugh.
so i'm trying to keep myself busy so i don't just sit there and stew about things i can't change, such as: if i had a million dollars, i would just hop on a jet to australia to be with him. or if his mom didn't want to run about egypt and italy, he would be home in a couple of weeks. really, the only reason they're going to egypt and italy is to sight-see. or at least it seems that way.
i, however, am still looking for a job. if anyone out there wants to hire me, here's my resume. call me, okay? thanks!
other than that, life is going on like normal. had a good weekend, had fun with renie, which is rare... well, not having fun isn't the rare part, it's the seeing renie. normally she works weekends, so it was a rare treat to see her last weekend. she's a sweetie. we went to a party in Idaho City at deb's house with a bunch of burning man people. yeah, it was fun. hot tubs and alcohol and yummy foods and all of the above. what a great group of people.
i hope everyone out there in internet land is doing well. ^_^