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Ah, today.... well, finally got
April 26, 2003

Ah, today....
well, finally got up at half-past 1. went out with zach, sara, and our new friend amy-chan. i say "our" now, as sara and zach have been hanging out with her for a while, but i haven't been hanging out with them. therefore, i only met her last night, and i must say that we hit it off famously. we all went to go see the slam-poet Alix Olson at BSU... it was very exciting. and i did rather enjoy it. after that, we head off to 10th St. Station downtown for some cheap alcohol and good conversation. i was rather happy they were out of the cheap pitchers of beer, so we all had cocktails instead, which i definitely prefer.
2 drinks (for me - the rest had .. 4?) later, i drove everyone back to zach's house to pick up a bottle of vodka, then we all congregated at my house. zach whipped up some hefty screwdrivers, while we all proceeded to get drunk. i ended up only getting slightly buzzed, sara was off her rocker, zach was in the part of good drunk, and amy-chan had to go home after only 1 1/2 games of Harry Potter Uno, as she said she was "tired"... climbed into bed around 3:30, after having to strip in front of zach and sara to get them to leave. it was an eventful night. and where was the boy in all of this, you ask? ben left for sun valley yesterday, where he will be until May 4th. And while that is sad, it does give me some "friend-time" and "me-time", which i normally really don't get when he's in town. I already miss him, though. ^_^
Todays plans are to take a shower (it's almost 3, after all), have free dinner with my future co-workers at Old Chicago in Meridian, and take off early from that to have another dinner (pad thai) at amy-chan's house in the later evening. *sigh* i do get rather busy once the boy isn't here... and i get to start my new job on Monday, which i had a kind-of nightmare about last night... I had gone in on Monday morning, but forgot all of my signed paperwork. ugh! Anyhow, i'm sure it will all go off without a hitch, and i will probably update then, on Monday after work.... ahhh.... "after work".....
have a lovely week, all!!!