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so. new job. new building.
April 30, 2003

so. new job. new building. i have to park way far away from where i work. but that's not really bad. i just wish it wasn't raining today. me without an umbrella and all. so i'm in 4-middle (HP mainsite building 4, 2nd floor is what that means), and i have to go up and down stairs to go smoke. well, to be more specific, i have to go down stairs, and then back up them to get back to my desk. i don't have a phone or a computer yet in my cube, so i'm posting from some night-guy's computer who keeps his chair really low and his desk really high, so when i sit down in it, the desk comes up to my chest. and i'm tall. so i just keep adjusting it to what a normal person would want their chair-height at, and he just keeps adjusting it right back down.
i'm kind of confused as to the actual structure of this company so far. they don't really seem to have any "real" training for me. yesterday i watched realvideo people talking about one of the programs i support, but that training seems to be more like training for someone who is actually going to use the program. which i can understand, but since i don't have a computer yet, i haven't really looked at any of the programs i am going to be supporting, and that's getting kind of annoying. so now i'm sitting and watching gary mess with stuff on his computer via netmeeting. i'm waiting for him to get a call. it is v. v. slow today. since 12:30, he's only gotten 2 calls, both of which only lasted approx. 2 minutes. really. i guess i'm just really wanting to get on the phones, but at the same time, i'm afraid to, because i have absolutely no idea as to what i'm doing. blah.
anyhow, i was supposed to get my computer yesterday, which means that hopefully i will get it by the end of the day today. that would be lovely. then i can actually feel like i have my own cube and stuff. and i would like that. then i can bring in stuff so i can make it mine. this place needs plants.