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yay! i got a job
April 16, 2003

yay! i got a job today! i am sooo happy! and i start on the 28th of this month! no more boredom of sitting at home! and i shall have money again! and lots of it!!!!! how wonderful!
ooh, and i get to take a drug test, just like a real employee. what fun! i am just so fucking happy. thank you to treetop technologies. they all kick ass. i met some of the team leads there today (at hp mainsite, where i will soon be working out of), and they all seem extremely nice and open. the owner, jason, told me that there's only been one person to quit. ever. isn't that cool?
anyhow, i'm just elated right now. i can buy a new car next year. but first, get all of my debt paid off. mwahaha.