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so this fucking sucks. i
April 11, 2003

so this fucking sucks. i get on my computer this morning, to find that the screen won't come up at all. so no problem, i think... this happens once in a while. so i cold boot, skip through the scandisk, and find that everything that i try to open gives me an illegal operation. this happens even in safe mode. i can't get into msconfig. i did a registry restore, and that doesn't help at all. so i'm pretty much screwed. i would format, but i don't have anything to back up by 30gigs of mp3's. one would think that with 5 computers, i could find 30gigs free somewhere, but that is a falsehood. so i'm pretty much without my computer. i am having to use ben's.
so this morning hasn't been the best, although i did get an email from a company that i sent a resumé to like 2 weeks ago. they want an interview. and that's all fine and dandy, but it's an outsourcer, which pretty much means that i would probably get screwed with the same stuff i was getting screwed with at manpower, ie. only christian holidays off, pretty much no vacation time, and far-too-expensive benefits. i think i may just hold out for qwest. i really don't want to though, because everyone has been saying that they're going to start hiring this month, and i haven't seen any official word of it. so this may be my only hope. well, anything is better than being unemployed. i guess.
i'm also stuck at the house, because i have to wait until fedex gets here with my replacement camera. my little hp photosmart 320 camera has been acting all funny, so i got an exchange on it. so i'm stuck here for the time being. at least all the snow last week has left this week to the 70+ degree weather. i would really love to be doing something outside, or at the park. but. i. am. stuck. here.
other than that, there isn't much going on. other than it is really rather hard to type on ben's "normal" keyboard... i have an ergonomic keyboard, and this thing is making me go nuts.
off to check on harddrive prices...
ja ne! ^_^