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June 23, 2003

ah, and i'm finally back from the weekend mini-break. sure, there were a few downers this weekend, but i'm afraid the good points pretty much outdo the bad. the only negative that i am keeping seperate from the rest is the release of the new harry potter book. as i was out of town at the time of the release, i was hoping to get the book last night when i got home. silly me didn't have a store hold the book or anything, so when i called around to get prices, the only thing i got was the same at every store: "we're sold out", "every book is spoken for", and "did you reserve a copy?" so i am stuck without potter, which makes me rather sad. i am, however, getting a copy tomorrow at fred meyer, where the illustrious corey will be holding a copy for me. hurrah for that!
i am still waiting for the wheaton book to arrive. i was hoping that it would be here before i went on holiday, so i would have something to read, but alas, it did not show. now it may have to wait until after the potter book is finished. sorry, wil. thank goodness i had plenty to do up there in the meantime.
other than that, it was cold up at redfish. really cold. it snowed saturday night and sunday morning. when i woke up, it was like a winter wonderland. it started to melt as soon as the sun came up, of course, but i did get a couple of pictures of it. hopefully, i'll be able to post a few tonight when i get home. yay! and that, they say, is that.