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and finally...
June 24, 2003

yay! i finally finally finally got it! wil's book came in the mail yesterday. i haven't read a bit yet, but i brought it to work with me today just so i could. well, i take that back... i did read the first page, but then i had to leave for work. i can't wait to actually get into it... i'm hoping/thinking that it won't take me long to read... it's actually quite smaller than i expected, and the font is a pretty large-easy-to-read-with-your-grandma type print. so we'll see how that goes. once i'm done with it, i'll review it... not sure if i'll be able to say anything different than anyone else has, but i guess i can just say it in my own words.
very happy.
oh, and i'm getting my harry potter today, too! what fun! i'll have 2 good books to read after my little haitus in the literary world.