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Review -
June 24, 2003

I finished the book in about an hour and a half with distractions and mainly work getting in the way of my progress. For one, I would like to say that I am extremely happy with my purchase of this book. And though the price was on the high-end (about $17.95 with shipping for a 112-page book), I don't regret it at all.

As most anyone would know, after reading the WWdN, this book is actually 5 short stories that didn't quite fit with the flow of wil's much looked-after release of Just A Geek. Being a Star Trek fan, my favorite story in the book was The Saga of SpongeBob VegasPants, which also happened to be the longest short story, coming in at 74 pages. Wil's writing style is fresh and deeply felt, which a lot of authors of late are missing. Since all of the stories are auto-biographical, we get to see a glimpse of what it was like actually being the actor behind the ill-fated Wesley Crusher: how it hurt to be snubbed by a boyhood hero, and what fun the other actors on the TNG set were.
For me, being a fan/stalker/wanter of wil for so long and finally getting to read this book is like being able to bring home a good friend. I am eager to read wil's blog every day, and even more eager for Just A Geek to come out. Dancing Barefoot is not only witty and insightful, it brought tears to my eyes, and made me laugh out loud. All at work. I highly suggest this book for anyone who would like a quick, good read, including those people who hated the character Wesley Crusher. Especially those who hate Wesley Crusher. It is available through Monolith Press and at Amazon.com.

and that is the end of my properly capped review. as i am picking up harry potter tonight, expect a review of that in about a week. >^_^<