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the wind blowing through my hair...
June 16, 2003

so ben and i got our bikes fixed on saturday for an insane amount of money. i admit, i had a lot of things wrong with my bike... i ended up paying about $150 to get my bike fixed with a new seat, pump, chain, new rear axle, etc. etc... and for another $35, i got a kickass helmet with flowers on it! kawaii!
we decided to go on a ride, and ben keeps saying that he wants to go fill up his tires with air, and i keep telling him that they're fine. after we visited his grandmother (about 5 miles away), we go to chevron to fill up his tires, and he blows up his back tire. ick! there was a bike shop about 3/4th a mile up state street, so we walk (v. quickly) up there, and they're already closed. double ick! so i ended up biking back home, getting the car, and coming back for him. we got the bike fixed yesterday (we just left the bike locked in front of the bike shop), and they told us that the tube was totally blown, and had blown a hole through the actual tire. pffft. that's what he gets for not listening to me. ugh.
altogether, on saturday, i biked about 10.5 miles (the way to grandma's we took hill road, and the way back i took state st.), and we went for another ride yesterday that was only about 5 mi. round trip. it's definitely fun though... i missed riding my bike. but i did realise that, for the past two years at BM, my bike has been icky shitty, and it was because of a totally bent rear axle. imagine that! we did have a wonderful weekend. la!