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June 10, 2003

i am far too tired these days. the entire time i'm at work, i am tired. i am tired driving home, and tired once i get there. it seems that the only time i'm not tired is on saturday after sleeping a good 10 hours. or if i stuff myself full of hydroxycut. well, "stuff" and "full" being relative, and really only meaning 2 pills every-other day. maybe.
anyhow, that is my main excuse for everything these days. i wish i could find some way of being awake and alert all of the time without having to be jittery from ephedra or caffeine. perhaps i should start taking some ginko again. but those type of drugs seem to wear off a bit too quickly. instead i should think about just going to bed earlier.
any sentence can feel like an end sentence as long as you put a happy face at the end. ^_^