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18 July, 2003?
July 21, 2003

so let me make an amendment to the "a new beginning" post: i will try to post here every day on the weekdays. i rarely even touch my computer on the weekends, because in the summer it's just too damned hot to do anything, especially just sit in front of a computer getting sticky. and not in the way you think.

other than that, there's not much to update on. once again, spent far too much money over the weekend, and our DVD collection grew by another 8(!) DVDs. long live fred meyer, who has the best deals on DVDs in towne. yay!

yesterday was spent on the couch, mostly. did get the lawn watered. i'm rather disappointed at the state of my lawn. when zach and corey lived in the building, it was always cared for, pruned, weeded, etc. flowers grew, and it was gorgeous. since they have moved out and evil bitch of a manager has taken over (whom hasn't done anything at all, i might add), everything has gone to hell. she has the college boy who lives in the back apartment "take care" of the lawn, which means it goes unwatered (unless i do it), unpruned (unless i do it), and where there used to be flowers, there are now weeds that are taller than i. and i'm 6' tall. and i'm not exaggerating. it's just sad. i don't do weeds, or else i'd get rid of those, as well. how frustrating it is when going down the side of the house to trow out the garbage or to take laundry downstairs, and i have to fight off weeds that will eventually tower 9' in the air, and i'm sure bend over and create a weedy arbour which shall cut out the sun and instill fear into the hearts of all men. except for the college boy in the back. grrrr.