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blues? non
July 22, 2003

as my birthday is coming rather speedily, i realise that at this time of the year, i start thinking about time and how quickly it is yanked from our grasp. i think my birthday is less than a month away, but i don't want to think about it too much. not because i'm getting older, but because i know that it will come before i know it, and be gone in even less time. september will come, and i'll be "officially" 24 years of age, then other things will happen that will make me lose concentration on that fact, even though it's been something i've been looking forward to. i really only have one more milestone into adulthood after this, which is turning 25. the only good thing about that is the ability to rent a car. and i never need to do that. so hmph.

i would like to extend a greeting to cat and girl by adding them to my link list in the nav bar. i thank christine for bringing cat, girl, and i back together after too long a haitus.

the last thing to update today is the introduction of somethingclever.net 2.0. i have been working on a new index page, and though it isn't up to snuff just yet, i do have the beta to look at here. everything done on it has been done from work, where i have none of the lovely tools i take for granted at home. once i get to work on it a bit from home, it should load faster and pretty much actually work. you can, of course, let me know what you think of it before i unveil it to the world. fwah.