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i am that i am
July 23, 2003

and i am incredibly sleepy as of this moment. this morning, on the way to work, even after a nice cold shower, i could barely keep my attention on the road ahead of me. and though i was rather paranoid of getting into an accident or something likely like that, i still couldn't concentrate. so now i'm especially tired and not wanting to do much of anything except flying (with my imaginary wings) directly home and into my bed, where an imaginary air-conditioner would cool me.

at the current time, weather.com says it's 107 degrees outside. tomorrow they're predicting t-storms, which would be a saviour right now, and hopefully allow me to drive home without the heater turned on full-blast. yeah, that sucks.

other than that, i just realised i actually have work to do, which i should probably do before someone else comes by and realises i haven't done it. ^_^ ja ne!