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sushi sushi sushi bar
July 24, 2003

of course, am rather looking forward to the planned dinner at Shige Express tonight, where the Best Sushi in Boise is served. or at least i think so. for some reason, some other people prefer Zutto's, which has the Gen-X atmosphere and the price to go along with it. but not me. give me my sushi quickly on a slowly moving boat, floating along in front of me. give me a chef whose name i know by heart from attending the bar each and every week. if one wants a good salad, okay sushi, and a high price, go somewhere else. hmph.

suddenly, i have no time to type about other things, as the thing that is paying my bills has sprung up and bit me in the leg. i shall, however, stop the bleeding before quitting time so i can run off to eat raw fishes. ja ne