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yeah, i know
July 30, 2003

i'm a bloody lazy bitch, ne? anyhow, i went home early on friday because i felt all nasty sick, and the feeling really hasn't gone away. it's a bit less intensive than before, but it still sucks. everything that i ate on friday totally repulsed me, and i probably shouldn't have eaten it, but i forced myself to, freaking out thinking i was turning annorexic or something. ick!

didn't do much on the weekend but run around on sunday just doing stuff. so i guess i really don't have much to say. i'm totally looking forward to getting my check on tuesday, as that will allow me to purchase my plane tix to savannah, where ben and i have been planning on going for a good while. i dig, yo. life has been rather boring and whatnot, but i'm getting kind of used to it. i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. i just hope it picks up soon before i have to slow it down to do other life stuff like having kids and buying houses, etc. blech.