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have been rather lazy
July 8, 2003

and i'm not v. proud of myself for being so. yesterday was so bloody hot, and i was out and about picking up wedding gifts and getting fillings done (!)... my car was overheating, so i was having to drive around with the heater on full-blast, which normally isn't all that horrible, but yesterday it was about 100 degrees out, so inside my car, it had to have been 120. ugh. so i was hot. fortunately, the boy came home yesterday after spending the weekend in Montana. I was pretty darned happy to see him. and i know i didn't get any of the pics up from Redfish Lake, but that's because my computer isn't hooked up at the current moment, as Zach's computer has taken over with it's downloading of mp3's, etc. so i'm going to have to wait until next weekend to do anything with the pics, as i have to go to the gym tonight, shop for a dress for the wedding tomorrow (and shoes!), go to the gym on thursday, and have the wedding on friday. yes, it's a busy week.

am having a good time reading Reading Lolita in Tehran, which has turned out to be somewhat better than i had presumed. I also purchased Lolita by Nabakov this past week, as reading the memoir about reading the book has peaked my interest. i don't think i've ever read Nabakov, so i do believe it's time to start. what do you think?


OOooooh, I wish I could read Nabakov for the first time again. A friend of mine and I were just talking about this the other day--how sometimes you wish you hadn't ever read something so you could read it again for the first time. Lolita is like that, definitely.


Posted by: Amychan at July 18, 2003 10:48 AM

Speak of the devil and the devil appears.

Only, Amykins, I was talking about the oeuvre of Jacqueline Susann, which is, like, on a totally different plane than this Lolita of which you speak. Hee.


Posted by: Sarah at July 21, 2003 10:48 AM