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July 2, 2003

been rather boring lately. seems the main things i'm looking forward to at this time are:

paycheck tomorrow

cancerpalooza on sat

seeing my darling after work

and that's about it... i mean, i have other things to look forward to, but it seems like they're forever in the future, and i just can't look that far ahead. ooh, i'm also looking forward to next month's paycheck. that will be sweet.

gym tonight. not really excited about that. wish i was going out to sushi tomorrow night, but if ben gets a call from his father, he's going to be in bed by the time i get home on thursday. he may or may not be going up to MT this weekend - it's all depending on the aforementioned call. it is nice to have him out for a couple of days once in a while. it gives me "me" time, and time to get things done.

been getting rather bored with my life as of late, as it seems that all i do is work, go to the gym, do the dishes, watch a movie, and sleep. really, that's all i really do. and the sad thing is is that it's all i have time for. i now know how it is to want more hours in the day, just so i could have a little time to get things done the way i want them to be done.

i can't even imagine working the 12-hour shift on friday. i'm kind of regretting signing up for it now, but it will be good, as i need the holiday time i get from working it. it's going to be awefully slow, though... i'm thinking i need to go to the bookstore tomorrow to pick some books up i can read on friday. i wish i hadn't finished harry potter already. bleh.