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*bleary-eyed typing*
September 14, 2003

woke up at 11:10, which is 10 minutes past the hotel checkout time. am now in internet cafe type thing, which for some reason will not type an "accent aigu" above my "e". i so can't type and i can barely see the screen. not that there's too much glare on this, but that i'm not properly awake, and i'm waiting for my coffee and i need something to eat badly, but forgot to order it.

so i have to find stuff to do until 3pm, which is when i can call a cab to take me out to the airport. i'm just extremely fucking happy that this place has a patio, as i didn't see that from down where the door is (on the first floor), so that i may be able to smoke while downing my wake-me-elixur. so savannah is pretty kickass. it's totally full of tourists, though, and that means that like any other shop that may have something worthwhile in it normally is all filled up with cheap souvenirs and trinkets not worth anybody's time. savannah is also hot and humid, which normally i wouldn't mind, but i have just been sleeping for 5 hours in a nicely cooled 60-degree hotel room, where my clothes weren't sticking to me, and of course, i was sleeping, so i was much more in tune with the world than i am right now.

i fucking hate this compaq keyboard. i so can't type on it. i just wish i could go back to sleeeeeep. ugh. anyhow, will be back in boise tonight. the boy should be almost there by now, and he has all of the pictures on the laptop. fucking starving now, so just ordered a chicken salad wrap. was totally hoping for breakfast food, but i guess i'm shit out of luck unless i go to some un-trendy carrow's type place. and that = ick.