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being horribly awful
September 8, 2003

i have not blogged in a v.v. long time, and i totally feel bad about it. since i haven't been touching the internet hardly at all at work, it's been hard for me to move the process home. today is monday and i have the entire week off. leeann is here and we're all leaving tomorrow - leeann back to wisconsin, ben and i to savannah. phew.

finally got a new car, so i need to get rid of my old one. i really don't know what to do with it, since it's totally broken with 2 flat tires and that is icky. but my new car is running great so far. i'll have to put a pic up when i get one. other than that, i just put XP on my old 98 box, and it somehow solved all of my issues i was having in 98. wowee. i can now actually use this computer, which is v.v. nice.

i'll be putting up some pics from the 80's party we had on saturday. will update then. yay!