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September 29, 2003

have not slept much this weekend. well, i have, really. but tonight i probably will not. redid most of the galleries this weekend, and still have the want to continue, which i may just do, even though it is nearly midnight and already far past my bedtime. however, if i'm a good little girl, as i am, i will just go to sleep after having the nighttime cigarette. we'll see....
i did have tons of fun messing with the site for probably a total of 12 or so hours this weekend, completely redoing the savannah gallery after it was done, because i needed forward and backward button-type-things, and failed to include them in the original. so when that was all done, i went on to the rest of the color galleries and got those done. only 3 more left and the galleries will be finished and i can finally put that to rest.
web design is just so fun for me to do, it's hard for me to stop once i get into it. just hope it eventually pays off for something. ^_^