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From the freshly fallen leaves...
September 30, 2003

Fall has hit suddenly, as if the trees knew it before the weather. Last week, we were sitting pretty with 60-70 degree weather, and this week, it’s been back up into the 80’s. The leaves, however, are starting to come down in torrential dry rains, yellow and brown on the ground, crunching under my feet.
Fall and spring are my favorite seasons, as that’s usually when the most change occurs around here. Summer is just too bloody hot, winter too damned cold. In the summer, one can’t get away from the sun, and in the winter, one yearns for it directly from the soul. Spring is gorgeous with the flowers poking their heads out from the frosty ground and willing again to rise up for another year. Fall is when things begin to brown, but hasn’t gotten to the starkness and nastiness that winter carries so greatly. I shall have to get out this weekend and take some pictures before all the leaves fall.
Ben and I will be in Seattle the weekend of the 9th. We’ll get some good pics there, too, as I’m sure we’ll do some sight-seeing stuff. Both of us have been to Seattle numerous times, but never together. I’m just excited about the shoe shopping. Yow! And I’m sure we’ll do the whole space needle thing before heading up to squim. I love travel, even if it’s just domestic. ^_^