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Something not-so-clever
October 7, 2003

Recently… well, really for a long time… I’ve been really horrible with returning emails and blogging in general. It’s been more than a week now since I’ve written anything in here, and I feel guilty about it. Even more so, I feel guilty about not writing back my step-mom and my friend Renie, as they should take precedence over blogging in any form. I’ve had their emails sitting in my inbox at home for more than a month. After all, they took time out to write me, why can’t I do the same?
It’s been the same since I was younger. I was always putting off writing thank you cards, etc. to relatives for gifts on birthdays and winter holiday. I have actually gotten better at that, since I know how important it is, to mostly my grandmother, that I write.
I’ve also been spending far too much time on eBay. Since I have this new jorb and all, I’m wanting to spend all of my money on stuff I would have never purchased if I had my old salary. It’s kind of refreshing and liberating in a way, but I really need to cut down on the 5-10 DVDs I buy a month. And, of course, all of the miscellaneous other things that add up to far too much money when I think about it.
Off to Seattle this weekend, which I’m really looking forward to. I get to go to the Sanrio store, the Rack, and Nordstrom (the latter I need to go to badly). I’m planning on taking plenty of pics while I’m there, and you can expect to see them whenever I’m not too lazy to actually do it. ^_^