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today is brought to you by the letter
October 9, 2003

Good lord, will this day ever end? I’m thinking movies and anime and DVDs and theatres, and I just want to pack. I am, of course, rather disappointed, as I have found out that there is not only no Sanrio store in Seattle itself, but that there are some in surrounding areas. However, (comma) I will have no time and no transport to take me to fucking Bellevue or Silverdale. Hell, I don’t even know where Silverdale is. Ugh.
So there goes half of my Seattle experience. Blasphemy.
Other than that, the plans for Nordstrom and the Rack are fully in place, and I totally plan on getting a nice pair of bloody shoes while I’m there. After all, what else should I do with the $150 I allowed myself to spend at the non-existent Sanrio store? I’m just dashed.
So work was kind of hellish after dealing with this one little thing that ended up not being such a little thing at all, and some people (thank g-d they’re not our own) kept dropping the ball and leaving me hanging, looking like a one-armed chimp. Other than that, I guess I won’t have to deal with it any longer, as I’m sure the whole deal will be taken care of by someone else in the team who will be there tomorrow. *sigh*
Looking forward to getting the hell out of here at 9'o'clock tomorrow morning.