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October 30, 2003

am extremely annoyed right now, as the neighbor-boy (with whom i share a wall) took out the laundry that i had in the washer from last night, and just put it atop the dryer. see, we share a washer and dryer in the basement, and last night, when i really needed to do just one load of wash, he had clothes both in the washer and dryer. so i just left my basket on the floor for the time being, and being a good neighbor, i waited 30 minutes and went down again. this time, only the dryer was occupied, so i put my wash in the washer with my basket atop. it was rather late at this time (about 10:30pm), and i needed to go to bed. therefore, i just left my load down there in the washer for the night. i was planning on changing it this morning, but after taking too long in the shower, i was running late, and didn't get down there before i took off for work. i get home at 5:30 normally, as in today, and after using the bathroom, i went down to put my stuff in the dryer. my wet laundry was atop the dryer. this is the second time that this has happened, and i know that it's the neighbor boy, as the lesbians that just moved out would always just put my stuff in the dryer, and even fold for me on occasion. therefore, i am having to wash my fucking clothes again, and then dry them. thank goodness the only plan i had for tonight is going to the gym. however, my gym clothes are in the washing machine. for the second time in less than 24 hours. argh.

let me just say that i have never done this to anyone else ever. it would be one thing if i had left my clothes down there for like a full 2 days without removing them. i have been guilty of doing that with clothes that were in the dryer, but never in the washer. bastard neighbor-boy.

on another note, today has been so cold, i have finally turned on the main heater in my livingroom. there goes the gas bill....


I think public laundry facilities are our punishment for causing global warming. Or something.

Posted by: Deanne at October 31, 2003 10:47 AM

i think they are punishment for not owning a home/house/flat onesself. all was good though, because i finally did make it to the gym with fresh-smelling clothes. ah, the wonder.

Posted by: Devlyn at October 31, 2003 1:24 PM

Though I applaud anyone brave enough to post about horrid gas (rofl), I could not disagree with you more here. I shared a common laundry room in my last apartment building, and it drove me nuts when someone would leave laundry overnight (let alone overnight and the better part of the next day). I would go back to the laundry room several times only to find someone else's wet laundry still hogging the machine. That's a whole day wasted when all I am trying to do is get my one load in and out. What is the other option? Leave it in the washer and skip doing my own laundry? No way! If your laundry sits for more than a couple of hours, I move it. I think I would expect the same if I left my laundry. Besides, what's the difference if your wet laundry waits on the dryer or in the washer?

Posted by: Katie at October 31, 2003 4:07 PM

ah, true, true, katie, as i have been pissed for the same reason at the neighbor-boy (as well as the since-moved-out lesbians). I guess i should think before i go off... i guess i was just pissed because i had waited so patiently the night before for his laundry, and he didn't wait for mine. to be fair, i don't know how long he actually waited for mine... is all good, since pretty much after i posted, i wasn't mad at all any longer. funny how that works.

Posted by: Devlyn at October 31, 2003 10:27 PM