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new and improved
November 2, 2003

updated the index, which i am v. proud of. rather happy that i got it all done in less than a day, really. you may click on "refresh" to see other pics on the index.

other than that, i must go to the gym today, after i finish eating my breakfast. last time i was at the gym (thursday), the BSU/BYU game was on, and i was forced to listen to people screaming at football players. all of the teevees in the cardio room were tuned to ESPN. there was no escape.

i have a new neighbor, but have so far avoided her successfully. i'm not one for really meeting new people. i know it's horrible, but before i do meet her, i want to make sure i'm looking my best - you know, first impretions and all that. the last 3 neighbors i've had have met me at such imperfect times as to make their views of me skewed. the neighbor-boy met me as i was scrubbing the insides of my old car, therefore i was covered with grime, hair sticking up in bad places, and sweaty. the lesbians that used to live next door met me when i had just gotten back from the gym, sweaty, hair sticking up, and rather tired. before the neighbor-boy and the lesbians, my friends were living in the other 2 apartments - sara, in the back apartment, and zach and corey in the front. i don't believe any of them really cared what i looked like. that's the nice things about friends.


I cared what you looked like whilst living next to you! The reason why....just that I'm shallow!

Posted by: sara at November 3, 2003 9:54 AM

aw, sara. cute, but psycho. huh.

Posted by: Devlyn at November 3, 2003 9:41 PM