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it's about time...
December 2, 2003

So it’s December already, and I have no farking clue how in the hell that happened. In one day, one month, this site will have been on the great WWW for a year. How strange.

I hope t-day was wonderful for all. As for me, the boy and I went to my mom’s house out in Mt. Home to have dinner, which was lovely. After, we went to see Timeline at the theater. Now, normally I’m not one to really review or critique a movie, but I have just a couple of things to say about this one.

I was really hyped up and happy about this film coming out, as both the boy and I are Michael Crichton fans, and have read most of his books. So when we saw the trailer for this one, I bought the book, and the boy read it, as did I. In fact, I finished it just before getting to the movie theater. I was stoked. Then I was severely disappointed. It was as bad as Congo. They massacred the book, making 400+ pages into an hour and twenty minute abhorration (is this a new word?). The movie had no flow; it didn’t really make sense. If they would have only spent a bit more time on actually building the characters, adding maybe a half-hour more film time, it would have been 500% better. So to those who made the film, I say, “whatever.”
**edit: after doing a bit of research, i found that more than one person pretty much agreed with my sentiments exactly. i so rock.

To regress, the day after t-day was the real treat. About 15 friends and myself got together for libations and dinner, which was more fun than I’ve had in a v. v. long time. And there were something like 6 different cheeses to boot. Now, I pretty much can’t drink milk, but I sure as hell am not giving up cheese, much to the dismay of my digestive tract. My body hates me for this, but with my mouth so happy, how can I refuse? I love cheese. I just hate what it does to me. *sigh*

All in all, it was an absolutely lovely 4-day weekend, and I can’t wait to do it again… less than 3 weeks ‘til the start of Christmas/Chanukah holidays, when I get a crapload of time off… oh, I’m really looking forward to that… rawr.


Hi, first time visitor, first time commenter (surfed in via styro's site). I'd just like to state that, for the record, you are my new hero for using the word "abhorrence" in a post.

Posted by: Ed at December 2, 2003 3:31 PM

durr. and i had to go and spell it incorrectly, which is now fixed. and i don't really think that abhorration is a word... but it should be. maybe i meant aberration. whatever. my sinuses exploded today, and i wasn't able to type correctly. forgive me my faults. and thanks for reading. ^_^

Posted by: Devlyn at December 2, 2003 5:52 PM

Mmmmmm, cheese. There's a whole wedge of brie sitting in my fridge right now that I can't wait to get my paws on. Tip: I don't know if it works for lactose intolerence, but Beano is my wonder drug.

Posted by: Auntie Sarah at December 3, 2003 1:22 PM