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not dublin, not evelyn, not deborah
November 24, 2003

Just to let "y?all" know, I had a lovely post all ready and set to go on Saturday about a bunch of different things, which ended up being lost forever (long, heartbreaking story). The following is pretty much what I wanted to say on that day:

Found out just today that Jonathan Brandis died (link NYT) apparently of a suicide like 2 weeks ago. This struck a cord with me, as he was one of the main crushes I had circa 1992-1993. My friend Heather Sakamoto got me into him, trying hard to get me to see that wil wheaton (or Jean-Claude Van Damme, for that matter) just wasn?t the one for me, and that Jonathan was the much cuter, intelligent, and sophisticated heartthrob out of the two. I, of course, knew better, and kept Wil, but added Jonathan in my weekly tear-outs of pics in Bop and Big Bopper, storing the cheap pages back-to-back in my binder full of plastic sheets. Yes, those were the days. I find it strange that pretty much no one heard about this ? the media didn?t pick it up pretty much at all. Hmmm.

Anyhow, today is a new day, with a whole new hand the world has dealt to me. Today = my name. Now, having a name like Devlyn might seem like a really cool thing to some, perhaps neat or kitschy. Well, I can tell you: I like my name presently, really quite a lot, but growing up with it, and having to face public scrutiny with a name like Devlyn, was sheer hell. Most people who hear it can?t pronounce it. Working in tech support, I state my name at the beginning of every call, and though I enunciate and speak v. v. clearly, most people still call me Evelyn. Which is usually fine with me ? I mean, whatever, it?s not a big deal when only having to deal with someone for 5 minutes one time. Having to deal with school children, along with teachers who cannot pronounce Dev-lyn was one of the worst tortures of my life. I got everything thrown at me from Devilin to devil to evil-bitch-cunt-slut. I was none of the aforementioned. Hmph.

So now thinking I have this neat, kitschy, original name, I am rather disappointed in the meager offerings google would give on a search of my first name. Pretty much the search came out with 6 different groups of subject matter with my name attached. Try it, and you?ll see:

about 80% was in reference to Frank Devlyn, who was like the grand world Rotary International wizard or something from 2000-2001.
5% was for Devlyn Lace, who is a porno chick/lace model
3% was for Devlyn Steele, who is a male life-coach (I have no clue as to what that is)
2% was about some self-proclaimed "Satanic" band, Acheron, which has a song called "Baptism for Devlyn Alexandra"
1% was about Devlyn Rhys-Something, soon to be a Faery Shaman (?)
and an endless supply of D&D junkies/pagans/faerie new-agers that use my name as a character's name/true name/alter-ego, no doubt thinking it clever and whimsical.

anything in reference to ME, however, didn?t show up until page 46, which I thought was rather sad:

So, I?m hoping that some day soon, with having so many damned pages that have my name on them, I will rise above rotary president Frank Devlyn to become the top-ranked link for people googling Devlyn. If you would like to contribute in my journey, go to a page that has my name as a link (like fidgeting wildly, auntie sarah, or comments, etc.), and that will tell google that some people know me as the devlyn, and not just a speck in the WWW.

oh, and if you want to be linked on my altruisms page, or you have a blog or something, let me know: webmaster at somethingclever dot net.


Count your blessings that you aren't named Sarah like everyone else on the entire planet.

I wish my mom had named me Goblin Curlytoes.

Posted by: Auntie Sarah at November 25, 2003 8:36 AM

Heh, page 46 is good when you have a boss that often googles employees names to see what scandal he can unearth on the www! Mind you, being yet another Sarah, I'd be way back on page 329,857,649. If he were to google 'Yidaho', on the other hand, I think I'd find my P45 awaiting me in the morning. Eek!

Posted by: yidaho at November 26, 2003 11:33 PM

I am sorry.I hope you some day get to page 1.

Devlyn Lace
Porn chick / lace model

Posted by: Devlyn Lace at March 13, 2004 5:00 PM