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looking forward
December 31, 2003

Let’s try something a little bit different, shall we? I was thinking of stealing zach’s idea to contemplate the last year through haiku, and while that is charming and clever, I really don’t want to think about the past year. Now, don’t get me wrong; 2003 was a good year, personally. I had my contract end with a job I really didn’t like, and ended up getting a much better job that I am liking much betterly. There was plenty of good in the past year, and plenty of bad. So instead of going over the crap and the happy of 2003, let’s look forward to what’s awaiting me (us) in 2004:

Riding my bike once the weather gets warmer, and there’s less snow.
Getting Bushie Jr. out of the White House! (to trade for what other 3vyl, I don’t know)
Getting the car paid off (yay!).
Seeing my grandma and family again (it’s been 5 years!) in the summer.
Watching those around me take flight for their various exciting destinies.
Watching people grow and learn.
Hitting the big 25 mark on the birthday scale.
Hitting the small 160 mark on the weight scale.
Spending time with the boy.
Looking at new pictures on new calendars (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! Live Action!)
Enjoying life and love.
Getting one more year closer to being able to use better phrases for the years (twenty-ten instead of two-thousand-four or two-oh-oh-four).
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Years. Happy 2003!