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*now *now! ARGH!
December 30, 2003

i feel like singing that snow song from White Christmas when everybody's in the train and they're all happy to be going to Vermont, where there should be lots of snow. only not. i want to sing the song and then let there not be snow, for forever and ever.

like i may have mentioned earlier, i really don't like snow. i really don't like waking up an extra half-hour early to brush off my car, then just as easily (only not) brush off death driving to work - early. then, when the snow melts, there are huge puddles! now, the puddles are fun. i go splash(!)ing through them, which i love.


when it gets cold cold cold again at night, these puddles freeze. like all the way through. solid. they turn into not-so-fun death slicks, which make me wish even more that there was reliable public transport in this gawdforsaken antarctic hellhole. though i am lucky that i'm not totally buried under snow like dooce; she's only 6 hours away from me, driving.

in other news, i'm working 3 12-hour shifts at work this week, which is totally killing me. when i get the other 2 days under my belt with the first, i shall have a lovely 4-day weekend with absolutely no driving (hopefully), where i can just curl up on the couch with a nice cup of english breakfast and watch all of those DVDs i got for Channukah. ah, to dream...


how's everyone else's winter going? better than mine, i hope. ^_^


dev, i think you need to take a few deep breaths and really contemplate the term "antarctic." given that last year boise had NO snow whatsoever except one random slight snow drizzle in APRIL, and the last five eyars we have hardly had any snow at all, i would hardly call it "antarctic."
i wouldn't even call it artic.
what i would call it is very mild for the region it is in. shazam.
ps: i agree with you on the driving aspect.

Posted by: zach at December 31, 2003 8:28 AM

now, i know it's not that cold... but it's too cold for me. as is that antarctic. as well as the arctic. all too cold. therefore, i compare the 2. mwah.

Posted by: devlyn at December 31, 2003 9:17 AM