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January 28, 2004

Ode to Wednesday:
Finally here, you are
I smile, hoping
The rest of the week will
Quickly follow

Ode to man standing in the doorway to the public restroom with the door open:
Talking to friends is great
However it is
Unnecessary for you to hold the door
While they wee

Ode to the person in the car trying to run me off of the freeway:
You in the ugly teal car
From Utah
Watch where you’re going
I have your license plate

Ode to the same person in the car who tried to run me off of the freeway, now on a main road:
Afraid to pass me
You are
Afraid of catching my scornful
Gaze as it cuts like knives
Into your side
I remember
You have one headlamp out

Ode to man who says hello to me everyday with a smile:
I am far too young for you
So stop staring at me
As I walk down the corridor
And get that sicko gleam
Out of your eye


ha ha ha!!! fantastic!!!

Posted by: j-a at January 28, 2004 9:08 PM