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...and you wrapped around my feet like concrete
May 28, 2004

The prospect of warm, sunny weather this weekend is looking glum, which I guess is just as well, as I am working most of it. I would, however, love to take a long-awaited bike ride on Monday to a park for a lovely picnic. I'm envisioning a basket on my cruiser, which is presently not in existence, so I think I need to get that taken care of, stat.

I'm starting to feel as if I live in the actual Pacific Northwest, a term likely to spark images of Seattle and Portland, two cities regularly doused in wetness. Boise is, in fact, in the desert. It's high desert, but desert nonetheless. Though we do get more rain then, say, Death Valley, rarely has there been more rain than that which we've experienced in this month of May, at least since I've lived here. Since Boise is not used to such amounts of water, there is a little problem with runoff which leaves streams running down my street into rivers that converge and forge canyons in the road, overfilling the gutters, and forming lakes at intersections. At times, I'm afraid to drive my car through these monstrosities, lest I get stuck and have to be helicopter-rescued, clinging to the top of my car for dear life. Surely, I jest. And I apologize for taking up too much time (and space) by talking about the weather.

The time for my first "long" holiday is approaching quickly, and I must confess that I have a bit of apprehension about seeing the Midwest clan of my family again. I haven't seen any part of my family not residing in California in over 10 years. Whence I arrive in Detroit, one of two cousins will be picking me up at the airport, and I'm a bit afraid that she's going to be... well... lame. I haven't seen or spoken to either of my MI cousins since we were mere children, and the last time I did see them, I was forced to go to church camp for a week! I'm not finding much when attempting to internet stalk them; in fact, the only thing I can find on anyone in MI is my uncle, who played pro football for a while. So, I'm basically stuck not knowing these people at all until I get up there and am stuck with them for a week. The cousin who may be picking me up will get to spend a lovely 3 hours with me in the confines of a car on the way up to Grandma's. I guess we'll see how that goes then.*

As for everything else, blah blah blah. And that will be all.

*If any of my family finds this, I'm sure you're not lame. I mean, you're related to me, after all. You can send hate mail my way if you feel the need. Heck, we can even reintroduce ourselves before the trip!


Yeah, I was talking to my friend in Seattle, who said it was sunny. And here in NYC, it's been gray and drizzly.

Posted by: teahouseblossom at May 31, 2004 8:14 PM

It's all tornadoes here. How stereotypical.

Posted by: Auntie Sarah at June 2, 2004 4:33 PM

family gatherings are always more fun when you were a kid. i haven't seen my cousins in years now...

Posted by: j-a at June 7, 2004 4:06 AM