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The Lurker Comes Forth!
June 7, 2004

I know and understand that I've been quite silent as of late. This is mostly because I've been busy with the old excuses. I have a few really exciting things going on in my life right now that I don't necessarily want to put on here, mostly because I don't think that anyone would be as excited as I about these things.

My life is relatively boring. Any small change keeps me sadly on my toes. So, here's what I've been up to, in short form:

The B and I have been playing tennis (Hi, I've turned Yuppie) after work and on weekends.
I purchased my first pair of shorts (!) in over 6 years and wore them in public (does not include pyjamas).
I started the South Beach diet and have been actually sticking to it, at least so far.
I've been feeling pretty good about myself.
And, counting the days until:
1. I receive my passport
2. I leave for MI
3. The boy leaves for the long Israel stay
And that's really about it. It's not like I get to ride the nonexistent Boise subway filled with drunkards, however fun that may be. July will be much more exciting, I'm sure. So, I'll blog whenever for this month, just to take a bit of a break. Have fun, kids.


Oh huh. I never saw this post before. I don't understand since I visit like everyday.

Anyhoo, your exciting plans sound very exciting to me. I, personally, am at the point where I don't find sitting at the bar all night very exciting. Rather, I think doing other things, like say, playing tennis, or working on exciting travel plans, or sticking to a diet that works for you, is way more interesting (and in the long-term more fulfilling) than going to the bar every day. But don't tell anyone I said that.


Posted by: fern at June 9, 2004 3:53 PM