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Going, going, gone.
June 11, 2004

After spending over $200 on a mere 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts the other night, I had a bit of buyer’s remorse. Not because I didn’t like the things I had gotten, but because I spent money that I really didn’t want, nor need, really, to spend (i.e. from the ol’ savings account). However, to counter that notion, I also felt great because I now fit into a size smaller than I can remember wearing in the past 10 years. Seriously. And, for the first time in forever, I was actually treated v. v. well at Banana Republic; not like I was previously treated like a pariah, but the girl there was really super nice and accommodating. It may have something to do with my “Prada” purse.

So, I’ve been on this South Beach diet deal for a week and a ¾ now, and I’m actually quite amazed at how easy it is to deal with. I’ve released about 10 lbs. from my body, and I’m not going hungry or anything. I’m eating a lot of veggies and a lot of cheese, mostly. Meat, of course, I eat here and there. I’m thinking I’m going to stay on the first phase of the diet for another week (my 2-week mark is on Monday), just to see if the fast weight loss keeps up. After that, if you don’t know anything about the diet, I will start reintroducing carbs into my regular eating. It’s quite interesting to see my cravings go away. Well, they’re not completely away. I still look at the food and cookies in the vending machine and think, “mmmmm… cookie,” but now I’m just not paying attention to the vending machine after that, even if I have cash on me. I was also able to refuse KrispyKremes and cinnamon roll. The KrispyKremes came on the 2nd day of the diet, and that was a bit hard to deal with, but the cinnamon rolls yesterday were like buttah; it was as if they didn’t even register when I saw them.

One other thing is that I’m getting really sick of are the stupid comment adverts. I check the comments on all of the blogs here once a day to get rid of the adverts from bots that search for comments to spam. Then I have to go about banning the ips where the bots are coming from, etc. So, to fix this issue, I’ll be putting in a security screen soon, so when you go to comment, you will need to enter a numeric code that will show up in an image before the comment will post. Savvy? Dig.

Also coming soon will be a rebuild of this blog. I was never quite happy with the current theme, so methinks I will be doing some changes on g33kd@y (Sunday), when Amychan comes for her g33k lessons. Fun!


Isn't is amazing how easy the SBD is? And the results! Wooo! I'm so happy to hear that you're again seeing the results of all the hard work you've put in to your health.

I'm actually starting to get sick if I try to eat microwaved processed food or snacky things packed with sodium. My body just doesn't want that crap in it anymore. It's really encouraging!

It was hard to me to stay on Phase One for more than two weeks just because I got tired of the lack of choices. I was dying for fruit and getting sick of using lettuce leaves to wrap my sandwiches in. I've still lost on Phase Two, but my loss totally stalled for about two-three weeks till it started again. I didn't really watch carefully what I added back into my diet though, so a planned attack at Phase Two is definitely my recommendation...slow and steady!

BTW, Go look at all the pretty pictures I posted! I'm feeling neglected. =Þ

Posted by: LeeAnn at June 11, 2004 11:08 PM

PS - I'm on a SBD mailing list with Yahoo: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/south_beach_diet_recipes The people can be kind of lame sometimes, but I've gotten some really good suggestions!

PPS - You should allow editing of comments!

PPPS - They should be timestamped too! ;)

Posted by: LeeAnn at June 11, 2004 11:12 PM

I've gotten a couple of those comments ads, but none lately. Thank goodness.

Posted by: teahouseblossom at June 12, 2004 2:50 AM

i'm lame.

Posted by: ms.chan at June 14, 2004 3:37 PM

Dev, are you available to give me webdesigning lessons?

Posted by: fern at June 14, 2004 4:10 PM

By comment number (starting at the top):
1. It's been 2 weeks, and I think I'm going to stick with it for now. Maybe for 1 more week. I'll post tonight. ^_^
2. I don't think MT allows editing of comments - I might be able to hook something up with a username/password deal, though. And I got rid of the timestamp because people were commenting from work and paranoid. You know who you are.
3. I've gotten far too many annoying penis enlargement/casino/whatever ads in the comments. It's time to do something about it.
4. Ms. Chan, you only wish. ;-P
5. I would love to!!

Posted by: Devlyn at June 15, 2004 12:38 AM

this looks quite pretty but um, the font size is killing my eyes.

you have made me really intrigued about the south beach diet now!

Posted by: j-a at June 15, 2004 4:48 AM

okay, ms. j-a, i've upped the font to an 11... is that better? maybe i'm just used to reading tiny little font, but i think that this is totally better. ^_^

Posted by: Devlyn at June 15, 2004 5:02 AM

I love the new design! Very blue, and you know how I'm fond of blue websites :D

If I stare at the little swirly pattern for too long I get dizzy, but in a pretty way! It's good! ;)

The cloud banner is nice, but something about the blue of the text background and the blue in the pattern and the blue of the sky somehow doesn't quite jive. Have you thought about tweaking the color balance up a bit on the clouds or maybe matching the text background color to the blue in the pattern? Maybe it's my screwed up monitor here at work though...I'll have to check it out from home and see what it looks like on my LCD.

Posted by: LeeAnn at June 16, 2004 4:19 PM

i actually coloured the blog_bg and the clouds to match a different page_bg... i know i need to go back and recolour them, which i may just do tonight! yay! ^_^

Posted by: devlyn at June 16, 2004 10:38 PM