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Parenthesis! Exclamation Points! The horror!
December 10, 2004

Well, the move was a monumental success (ie. We moved everything, thanks to my extremely awesome (and brawny) friends), and I am now the proud occupant of a v. schwanky (as Gabby would say) new (well, new to me!) apartment. Of course, my living room is filled with boxes still, and only the kitchen is mostly unpacked, and the dining room (dining room!!!) still has a bunch of miscellaneous crap in it, but my belongings are rightfully in place and I am ready to live.

This weekend will, of course, consist of the Great Unpacking™, in which we get everything back together so I don’t feel like such a hobo (hobo?). Also sos that we may have people over for Adult Brunch™, and look for a proper dining table on which we may do things like conduct Adult Dinner Parties™. Because, you know, I’m fucking mental like that.

Guess who has only purchased one gift for the winter holiday pigfestgiftgivingextravaganza? Me? Yeah, you’re right. But guess who purchased a Hello Kitty™ toaster last night on sale at Target ($15!) and can’t wait to burn little Hello Kitty™ faces into bread? That would be me, again. I really did need a new toaster, though. Promise.

I am in a better mood today than I have been in the last 2+ weeks, and I can’t really figure out why. I’m thinking that I should still be really stressed about not having a car (for 4 weeks now), about having not started any gifts-in-the-making, having so much to do this weekend (unpacking, grandma christmas party, 2 sites to finish, brunch sunday), and about being out of monies. But today is all about it being Friday (hello, Friday, anyone?), and the sun. is. shining. Shining! Shining! The! Sun! Is! Shining! In! The! Sky!

And I’m just about to forgive everyone of their trespasses, as they have forgiven mine.


I am sure you needed more Hello Kitty crap, my love. Except, you know, the opposite of that. What time is brunch on Sunday? And am I still invited?

Posted by: ms.chan at December 10, 2004 6:51 PM

WTF is stove-porn?

Posted by: G-man at December 15, 2004 7:16 PM

i think a Hello Kitty Toaster would be just what the Kibberella needs when she gets home (as a welcome back gift!!) yep yep that's what i think!

Posted by: kibberella at December 16, 2004 9:58 AM

Note: G-man, please see the 12/16 entry.
as for kibbey, she may be able to have a hello kitty toaster if she would move back to the states already. erm. after i go to france, that is.

Posted by: Devlyn at December 16, 2004 5:22 PM