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the post in which i'm too tired to complain about how tired i am
December 3, 2004

A haiku:
My eyes droop slowly
Thinking about last night
Makes me want to sleep

Life currently:
Boxes, boxes! Putting together furniture that I had better hope for. Hoping everything will be ready by the time everyone shows up tomorrow so's the moving crew (crew? wtf?) won't kill me. Listening to the Spice Girls sing about sex in their '90s pop way (condom references!).

Another haiku:
Let this be over
For soon I may/will collapse
Into exhaustion

Life a bit in the future:
Getting beer tonight for the peeps tomorrow (goes along with the pizza bribe). Getting the matresses out of storage tonight. Trying to figure out how or when we're going to rub down the floors and woodwork. Getting this site revamped. Doing work on the other sites I should be doing work on. Unpacking.

Please forgive if I don't post for another week or so... then we should return to our regularly scheduled winter posts (snow?! why?!).


i had a great conversation about Tinto Brass with your significant other. It was fabulous!

Posted by: lola at December 9, 2004 12:06 AM