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How I went to bed last night…
February 11, 2005

Slightly drunk and more than happy would be the case. I went to a concert last night. A concert! I haven’t been to one of those since… well… 1999? 2000? Whenever Weezer played at 6th & Main in downtown Boise. The main reason for this is that I’m a lameass. Oh yeah, and the crowds here, in general, suck. I personally also don’t like being pressed up against sweaty strangers, no matter what Gabby says.

To go on… this concert… show… was put on by 2 wonderful bands, Interpol and Blonde Redhead. I am personally more of a Blonde Redhead fan, as I think Interpol has good music and all, but it really runs together into one big hypno-song that doesn’t have much fluctuation. Blonde Redhead, on the other hand, I have been listening to for a past couple of years. I enjoyed their music, but I wasn’t a huge fan. Until now.

The show Blonde Redhead put on last night was a-fucking-mazing. They blonde-redhead-new-small.jpgwere only able to do a 40-minute set, and when they left the stage to make way for the more popular group, I burst into tears. Well, that was a lie… but I was really really really really sad and I wanted them to come back. Like, now.

When Interpol came on, I was really quite surprised at how young they are. I had never seen a picture of the band, and it really looked like some of the emo boys from the crowd just wiggled their way up onstage and picked up the instruments. Oh wait, that’s our entertainment. Wow, so, emo boys? Yeah, there were a ton of them at this show. The sad thing is that I just want to pat them on their moppy heads and coo at them. By george, they're cute! But impossible to take seriously. Who would’ve known that it would become such a fad?

interpol_hattem_1.jpgAfter the concert, most of the crowd went down to the second home; more commonly called the Nerdolux. The bass player from Interpol was spinning some ‘dat music there, and everyone likes a good DJ. The music was awesome, the crowd hot, and the drinks flowing. I touched some indie celebrities. I had stars in my eyes. Eventually, I had to go home so I could go to work today, of course, but I did get to meet the members of Blonde Redhead and thank them for being so fucking cool.

I walked home and flopped into bed, exhausted. This post is proof that I do get out of my house sometimes. This has been a public service announcement.