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Chillin' in the 'hood
February 13, 2005

From my front porch, I can hear the bells at the church a few blocks away play every hour. Today they rang out a song for me while I was out on a cigarette break.

From my dining room, I can see into my bedroom, where there is a week-old pile of clothing that needs to be folded and put away.

From my kitchen window, I can see the rotunda of the capital (if I bend just the right way).

From my bathroom, I can hear the downstairs neighbors enter and leave their homes. I also have hello kitty shower curtain holders.

From my bedroom, I catch a glimpse of myself roaming with my camera in the bathroom mirror, and take a shot.

From my desk, I see my iPod, sick of playing the same album for the 3475th time in a row. I thank it for the contribution to my sanity.


When we all know perfectly well that your iPod SHOULD be playing Catch Phrase, cix, Backchannel, or Bonwell. At All Times.

Posted by: bonwell at February 25, 2005 4:03 PM