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Vive! La! France!
March 2, 2005

I returned home last Sunday, exhausted and sick. I caught some kind of flu while in France, which I will forever lovingly call the “Paris Virus.” France was… well… fun. Only a couple of things went badly, one being that my camera was stolen in the Strasbourg train station.

I am, however, feeling much better now, after 30 hours of sleep and 2 bottles of Dimetapp. I may be ready to greet the world again, on a 1-to-1 basis, instead of shying away to hide blissfully in my bed. So, here are some pictures from the first half of the trip: Lyon to Grenoble, or, 4 Days in France:

sara, in our hotel room, lyon the cathedral in lyon fourviere and tour metalic from centre ville, lyon

sara at fourviere, lyon sara and the SPAM, lyon the view from our window at the hotel towards the top of the courtyard, lyon

sara and maxie with the SPAM at the voxx matt the pirate outside of the contemporary art museum, lyon sara, annoyed, lyon

leeann and ben on the steps down to the park 'tete d'or' column with moss detail - roman ruins, lyon those damned romans and their gutters - uberuseful

zach! in the balles, grenoble grenoble, from above the group, mandatory pic, grenoble

the group, minus ben, in the second-oldest cafe in france, grenoble an italian-style piazza, grenoble a kibbeydance, grenoble

bigheaded zach, grenoble the original zach and devlyn duo, at the bar, grenoble hammy matt, the bar, grenoble

the giraffe and i, the bar, grenoble


hey sexy...would it be possible for you to send me all the info that i would need to view your pictures and other restricted materials on your website??????

I am glad you had a great time in France...Muuuaaaahhh!

Posted by: rora at March 8, 2005 10:55 AM