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Obviously out of my mind
March 18, 2005

Do you ever have one of those issues where you’re at work, sitting in front of your computer, and you have your left leg tucked underneath you, and you’re working, so you’re kind of zoned out not thinking about anything else, when suddenly a reminder pops up on your screen saying that you’ve got to hustle to a meeting that starts now, and you freak a little bit, because you don’t want to be late and look like a lameass, and you swivel to get your notebook and pen (always being prepared, because that’s how you are), and you swivel towards the opening of your cube, stand quickly from your position, and fall directly over into your cube wall, making your computer shake and all of the things atop your monitor fall over, and realize that you can’t feel your entire left leg not because it’s asleep but because it’s hating you for having to deal with your butt for too long?

I didn’t think so.

Please see: stress = stupidity, below.