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The sufferings of an addled mind
March 17, 2005

The amount of not-quite-subconscious stress I’ve been experiencing lately has fried my brain and has indeed forced me to become dumb. Case in point:

Plane to Charles de Gaulle, 17th February: Pull out the iPod on the last leg of the trip to get some tune-age in before passing out. iPod is dead.
Lyon: after charging the battery up the previous night, and having it work as an alarm the same morning, the iPod is dead again at night. I start to get annoyed.
Train from Grenoble to Strasbourg, pre camera-mishap: Same thing.
Paris: Again.
Plane(s) from Charles de Gaulle to Boise: Too sick to worry about it.
Miscellaneous days between then and now: iPod dead at random times, most likely when I want to be using it.
After dealing with this for so long, I finally figure out that it is obviously a battery problem, and start the process to get it replaced. At this point, however, I notice a strange occurrence: once in a while, when I get the iPod out, it is playing music – music no one is listening to. Phantom music, even. The iPod has been on hold this whole time. The iPod is possessed. I now realize that most likely the issue is not the battery but the ghost inside my iPod that really really wants to listen to my playlists.

Fast-forward to today, when I’m looking on the apple website to see if I can find anyone else that is having the same kind of issues (with ghosts in their iPods). Indeed, there are a smattering of victims about – I read their stories, so close to my heart. I read the suggestions others have posted – one of which is to check the alarm settings on the iPod to see if possibly an alarm was turned on that was never turned off. I do so.

I melt into a tiny little puddle below my desk, sick and hot with humiliation.

Hello, my name is Devlyn, and I work in IT.


Hi Devlyn! This is awesome. Glad Lunapod isn't sick. Plus, I am laffing at you, which is fun.

Posted by: amy at March 17, 2005 2:30 PM

i think humilation is good gor the soul don't you.

Posted by: auntie su at March 18, 2005 2:03 AM

maybe good for the soul, but bad for the brain (especially when one is in puddle form).

Posted by: devlyn at March 18, 2005 8:51 AM