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April 18, 2005

The freakout is pretty much over. After going through the guest list this last weekend, and finding out that it’s not as bleak as I was thinking it is, I calmed down a lot. I’m still a bit worried about how many people are actually going to show up, but whaddya gonna do? If anything, it’s only going to be a few people more than I want, which is fine, really.

So the steps to follow will be: starting to pay the people with large bills, figuring out how many pipers exactly are needed (seriously), and ordering the bleeding invitations already. I have been so sooo lazy on the invitation front, mostly because I know that they’ll get here really quickly (at least, they should).

And, of course, Pesach starts on shabbos this week, so I’ve been trying to clean and keep things cleaned so I don’t have to freak out on Friday beforehand. One thing that’s gotten better over the years in Boise is the availability of kosher-for-passover foods: even though they’re far too pricey for my blood, I suck it up and purchase all the matzos I need the week beforehand, because I know that it will be gone very quickly. Expect more pictures on Sunday of our dinner – it’s always a big hoo-doo. The only problem with Pesach is that we don’t have anyone over for dinner, so it tends to draaaggg on and on – and I don’t think that any of my friends (most of which aren’t v. into religion full-stop) would be willing to sit through 3 hours of reading, 4 glasses of wine, then finally eating. At least Gabby is purchasing my chametz so I don’t have to half-ass and stick it in the basement.

Last Saturday, I stayed up well past my bedtime to hang out with the (soon-to-be) NYC boy and his sister, Marijo. We had a wonderful time driving about town attempting to find a chill place to eat and enjoy adult libations that was open at 10pm. After driving all. the. way. out to Berryhill (WTF for being closed, Berryhill!), then back home to drop off my car, we ended up at Mai Thai, which I suggest for food at any time. However, this time I enjoyed the Mai Thai Mai Thai, and let me tell you - it was de-lish-us. Seriously. Then we proceeded to 10th St. Station to converse some more in a smoke-filled room, where i stared at Lola, Mondy, and Margaret from across the room. Marijo will definitely be coming to more church-a-longs in the future.

Other than that, I’m sure there’ll be more updates towards the end of the week, with me going completely nuts in another direction.


don't go nuts! don't go nuts! the worst is only beginning AFTER the ceremony when you realise it's for life...! ;-)

Posted by: j-a at April 19, 2005 10:06 PM

don't worry about the guest list. we had about 20 no-shows for our wedding/reception, which is to be expected. be sure to lowball the caterer,head-count-wise, with this in mind. it will save you $$$.

Posted by: boxing octopus at April 20, 2005 8:35 AM