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It's <i>fun</i> to <i>Count</i>, ah-ah-ah
July 13, 2005

1 is the number of weddings I’m planning, though it seems like 1000
2 is the number of times I had to hold back tears yesterday due to 'bridesmaid frustration'
3 is the number of times I actually did cry, in response to a melodramatic anime, Air
4 is the number of years Ben and I have been together, living in sin
6 is the number of days I have until I go in for my first dress fitting. This scares the hell out of me
10 is the square root of the temperature outside today, Fahrenheit
11 is number of days until the mothers of the groom and myself finally meet – see number ‘4’
15 is the number of times I have checked my budget in disbelief. Today. Somehow I thought I’d be able to do all of this for under $5k. How wrong I was
18 is the number of days until I get to spend time with friends in icy places (I hope that day is hottest day of the year, so I can enjoy it as much as I can)
22 is the number of days until my bridal shower – get on those gifts, girls
24 is the number of hours I have until Ben leaves for a weekend mini-break – I should be able to get some cleaning done while taking breaks from Harry Potter
26 will be my age on August 17th
35 is the number of days until my birthday – 5 weeks exactly
37 is the number of days there are left before the wedding. G-d help me
40 is the number of days until I’m in bonny Scotland
53 is the number of days until I get back and start to lead a normal life again, possibly including intelligible and clever updates to this website by yours truly


Ooh! How exciting. You get to attend parties, wear pretty dresses, receive lots and lots of gifts (hopefully the ones you want), have people make toasts to you and your partner, go on trips to other places, and it seems that all of the stress involved with this is going to be gone in all but two months. Hurrah!

Posted by: fern at July 13, 2005 4:19 PM

5k? yeah right. i thought something like that, but now my budget is something astronomical (perhaps we should not use the word 'budget'. by the way, i had my first dress fitting. you can bet you've never been so pinned up in your life. my friend was there and she was asking me whether i could breathe.

Posted by: j-a at July 13, 2005 10:44 PM

in addition to being scared, i am also v. excited about the dress fitting. i want to see how it looks when it's like a glove, because right now it needs to be taken in quite a bit, as well as lifted. i just hope that this lady can do what i want her to do... eep!

Posted by: Devlyn Author Profile Page at July 14, 2005 9:45 AM