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July 5th - and one day late
July 5, 2005

The lack of almost anything intellectually stimulating is slowly numbing my brain. The past weekend was a mostly relaxing one – Ben and I chilled in a condo at Bogus Basin, out of the smog and annual Independence Day inversion (which we could see all too well). We hiked and ate barbeque, watched the beginnings of the Tour de France (satellite television!! In bed!!), played board games, and played video games. On Sunday, some friends came up to join us, making the weekend more filling and lovely. I finally got a chance to have a fanfuckingtastic conversation with Huda (re: child-rearing), and had to wonder why we don’t hang out more often.

July is fucking me with birthdays: Ben’s birth anniversary was on the 28th of June – most of my extra monies went to his gifts and showing him a good time. This month, the locals are demanding – The Future Brother-in-Law’s birthday is tomorrow, Laura’s on the 18th, Queen’s on the 23rd, and Chan’s on the 29th (right?). The out-of-towners are harder to keep track of, but Zach’s and Sam’s was on the first, Bob’s is somewhere around the 5th, Wil’s is on the 29th, and I’m sure there are hordes of others I’m missing. The main issue here is that my wedding is next month, and I can’t charge anything to my credit cards, in hope of having them be clear and free for the honeymoon. Soooo hopefully no one will mind getting $5 in a folded piece of paper for congratulations on being born. Snap.

I really love the idea of a three-day weekend, mostly because of the double-goodness that comes with the extra day off: the 4-day workweek. There’s also the possibility of the workdays directly proceeding and following the weekend are slow, giving more time to dream about the coming/just passed good-time. I’m still looking forward to a proper long holiday in Scotland, away from the pressing heat and wedding worries. A month and a half to go – it seems so close...


ok...when is your date, something tells me it must be really close to mine! 8.26.05.

Posted by: j-a at July 5, 2005 9:45 PM

8-21-05, natch. :)

Posted by: Devlyn Author Profile Page at July 6, 2005 10:34 AM