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In which I post something I v. well may take down tomorrow
October 16, 2006

I step into the shower to wash away the scent of a night at the bar. The hot water cascades around me, and I

Look in the shaving mirror and see someone beautiful, lips full and cheekbones abrasive. In my mind, my life is much more dramatic. Me, such a non-dramatic person. I have feelings and issues that are life-changing, but I can't explain them to anyone around me, for fear of judgment and reprisal.

In reality, I see tired blue eyes, possibly more gray than blue, ready for bed, with deep impressions underneath, which should melt away with the morning.

In my mind, I have 2 options, one more interesting than the first, possibly, but even less realistic than those options available in real life. I see adventure, desires, fulfillment, everything, all divided into two.

In reality, I see 2 options as well, one conquering all, the other stifling. I feel the eventuality of alone, alone, alone.

Or have I just been reading too much Sylvia Plath? (Always a reason, ne?)

I step out of the shower and hold the towel to my face, breathing in the scent of fabric softener, clean again.